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How To Add New Categories and Post Tags For Beginners

  1. 1- How to Add New Category
  2. 2- How To Add Subcatrgory
  3. 3- How To Add Post Tags
  4. 4- How To Use Excerpt and Send Trackbacks In Word Press
  5. 5- How To Use Post Quick Edit
In addition to writing the post itself WordPress gives you the ability to
attach extra information and customize the way that post displays and behaviors through the use of built-in functions

How To Use Post Funcations
Post Functions 
 These include categories and tags for organization and Trackbacks discussion and sharing options for display and other functionality all this custom functions can be found in the post editor window open one of your post in the edit post window for this as you can see you have extra panels on the side here and under the main area

How to Add New Category

From the top you have the published panel under it you have the categories, Categories are a way of organizing your posts you can attach as many or as few categories as you want to one post but need to have at least one category because you haven't created any of the categories all posts have been categorized as Uncategorized which is actually a category so you need to create a new one
How To Add  New Category
Add  New Category

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To create a new category all you need to do is click this add new category button at the bottom in this box this opens a little bit more the window enter your new category name then click add new category

How to Add New Category
Select Add New Category

How To Add Subcatrgory

You can also make subcategories you do that the same way give it the name and select the parent category you have two new categories for example if the first category have the name Entertainment and the games under Entertainment now you can filter your posts so that it only see articles that are tagged with Games and live under Entertainment for example. Now that you have those two categories you can unchecke Uncategorized and the post no longer appear under that category.
How To Create Subcategory
Create Subcategory

Like I said you can attach as many or as few categories as you want to one post you can do that with a limit because there's no point having a lot categories if all your posts are assigned to all the categories

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How To Add Post Tags 

And again this can change at any time below categories you have Post tags
How To Add Post Tags
Add Post Tags

Tags are a type of taxonomy or organizational tool you can add to any post that you want and they also communicate with other websites, to add post tags enter the tags inside the box and separate them with comma then click on add tags.

If you add a post tag to a post information about that post will be passed on to Google and other sites that track tags so that if someone searches for the word that you use as a tag will most likely to find your post

You can add as many tags as you want to any post can have many tags if you have 5 posts out of 10 that have online games as a tag you can go and search for the tag online games will only get those 5 post nothing else

Below the post tag we have featured image then you have a location
Location only appears if you have location awareness activated in the settings for the site.

How To Use Excerpt and Send Trackbacks In Word Press

Under the editor area you have a box called excerpt.
How to Add Excerpt Box In WP Post
Excerpt Box

Excerpt gives you the option of writing a small version of the post or a small description of the post
Description will then appear for instance in the RSS feed for your blog

The RSS feed is a feed that pushes all that information from your blog to people who don't actually visit your blog but rather readers through their email or through an RSS reader. That means for people who only see the text version of your site they’ll now see that short description with a link to the full post.

Below excerpt you will find send Trackbacks

Send Trackbacks literally sends a message to a blog or a website that you link to within your article link to it so they know about it and there is a link back to you
How To Use Send Trackbacks Box In post
Send Trackbacks Box

 Below that you have discussion in discussion people can leave comments on your posts and also whether or not those Trackbacks that would be sent from send Trackbacks will appear if other people write about your post
How To Use Discussion Box
Discussion Box

below this you have the revisions box when you write an article in WordPress now word press does auto saves almost continuously it every two minutes or so
How To Use The Revisions Box
The Revisions Box

 If your computer crashes or if you lose your Internet connection or some like that WordPress will save a fairly updated version of your article so you can always go back and revert to an earlier version this is great for when your system breaks down and is also great if you made an accidental change and you want to revert back to something else.

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 Below revisions box you have comments if there are comments to this post they will appear here and you can moderate them directly from the post view.
How To Use Comments Box
Comments Box

How To Use Post Quick Edit

in addition to the functions you have inside the edit post views you also have something called quick edit

Quick edit appears if you go to the posts view will see all your posts if you hover over one of the elements will see it have 4 options edit quick edit trash and view if you click on quick edit instead of going into the post you just opening a small panel where you can control some features of the post things like the title the slug which is the actual URL the date it was published categories tags and whether or not comments and pings are allowed or not
How To Use Post Quick Edit
Quick Edit Page

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 This is the very easy way of changing things like categories for multiple posts and its quick much quicker than going to the actual post and loading all the information like in post view when you're done changing something in quick edit always remember to click update.
How To Modify post In Quick Edit
Modifying Post In Quick Edit

Now you know how to further customize your post these options can be further enhanced by adding certain plug-ins or theme functions and like with everything else and WordPress nothing is final you can always come back and change things later both in the edit view and in quick edit.