Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to create a post in Word press The Complete Guide

Why using Word press to post

post in word press
selecting post type in wordpress.com

The post is the core substance of all blogs, and also serves as a great tool to
provide updates and news items for websites. 

Word press is built around the post and has already years perfected the science of making post writing as easy as possible for the user.

Most of the core functionality found in a post can also be found in a page, therefore there is a large overlap in terms of how things work, which for the user means less time wasted trying to figure things out and more time spent writing great material for the web.

Learn how to create a new post in Word press

You can create a new post with several different ways from the WordPress back end and also from the WordPress.com toolbar

easy way to add new post in wordpress
open post page throw drop down menu

 if you go to the top under your account you will see there is a button (new post) 

easy way to add new post in wordpress
post button in WP

and if you click on it you get to this page from the WordPress.com is called quick press,from here  

how to add new post in word press
quick WP post

you can write a basic post (title and some content and tags) and then assign it to the blog you want to assign it to, this is of course assuming you have several blogs assigned to your account.

post page in word press
post page in WP

 I never used this function and is quite simple because there's a lot of functionality missing here, you don't have categories you can’t really do anything about when it's posted and how it appears.

How to Create a Post from Admin Panel

You also find quick press under my blog dashboard on the dashboard itself. 

add a new post in WP
add a new post in wp

 But again I never used this function instead you should use either the new post button up to the top or under my blog select new post or you can go to post on the sidebar and select add new,

select post from dashboard in wp
add your new post from dashboard

 all this will take you to the new post page within the Word Press admin panel and this for create your post.

Knowing the Word Press Post Page option:

1-Post Title and content

post title box in wp
post Title
Like it says enter title here this is where you would enter the title of the new post, and once you do and click somewhere else word pressed will generate the URL for this post right after that.
how to edit your post link in wordpress
how to change /edit your post link in wp

You can edit that URL if you want  by click on edit and change the last part but you'll notice that Word Press sentence based on the date it was published 10/9/2013 is today's date in general the title will be the same thing as your URL.

Directly below the title box you have the Area where you type out your post

how to use text editor in WP
 WP WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get editor )

this area works like a standard word processor, so you type things out you can make things bold and italicized and a lot of other things will get back to that later in coming articles.

2-Publishing and saving option

Once your done writing your post you want to either publish it or save it as a draft, this is done in the publish panel appear up in the corner, as you can see you have the option of saving as a draft previewing or publishing directly or you can also move it to trash.

how to publish / save your post in wp
how to publish / save your post in WP

The good thing about all the functions is that whatever you do you can always change, so even if you move the trash you can retrieve it later or if you save it as a draft so you can publish it later you can also schedule it if you want.

 But all this will be covered later, for now save it as a draft and then click preview, you will see what this post looks like on the website even though it's not actually live on the website

post perview
post preview 

that way you can type out a post. Add pictures or video or whatever you want and make sure it appears the way you wanted to before it actually appears for other people to see.

How to change and reorganize the word press admin panel

 You can reorganize the admin panel and only displayed the items you want, you can go to screen options and turn things on and off for instance if you don't want post tags as an option you can simply turn off same thing with categories although I wouldn't recommend.

post screen option
how to use screen option to disable or enable features 

You can also reorganize the panels themselves, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page and grab word press seo by yoast to appear before the tags, you simply click on the word press seo by yoast and move it up, this will now be saved by Word Press and the next time I come into the post edit panel.



This new look will be how you see it this makes it much easier for you to work with the posts and you can customize it for the way you used to work with it.

How to work with Word Press post editor

In addition to this “what you see is what you get editor” in which you'll see the text and images  sort of the way they will appear on the web,  you also have another tab called HTML or you will see the HTML version of this continent that means the code only version of the content.

The best way to see how that works is to attach some styling to similar content go back back to visual highlight the any word and click on the bold button this makes the text bold in the editor

visual and HTML  in text editor
visual and HTML  in text editor

 and when go to HTML to see it you will find “<strong> before the word and </strong> after the word” HTML code.

 HTML  in text editor
 HTML  in text editor

The HTML function isn't more advanced function, but at the same time it gives you way more control when you want to edit things. It’s a good way of learning how HTML works so that while using Word Press you will become more proficient at web design.

How to re size the text editor in Word Press

Finally you can re-size the editor window if you want, if you go to visual and scroll down you will see on the bottom of the corner, here you can grab that and re-size the window to the size you want. 
how to re size the text editor
how to re size the text editor

Known how to quickly start a new post for your site is going to save you a lot of time and effort.

 One of the key components of running a successful website these days to keep it fresh and current. Word Press makes every effort to make that happen for you, add to that you can even customize the post interface to make it easy for you to use, it all adds up to giving the ability to produce and publish great content faster.