Friday, September 6, 2013

Word Press Understanding The Difference Between Pages And Posts

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Word press main type of content
What does post mean
What does page mean
Understanding the difference between pages and posts

Word Press have two main types of content posts and pages, understanding the similarities and differences between them, is important to create
a well-organized site.

how to add new post in WP
how to add a new post in WP

Posts and pages display different types of content, posts are displayed dynamically so they appear in reverse chronological order on your site just like a blog. and usually contain things like news items blog items and articles
Its generally considered updatable contents that can become untimely after a certain time.
Pages on the other hand are static there displayed as free standing and has no real relationship to any other Pages

how to add new page in WP
how to add a new page in WP

 That means that they already contain information that pertains to other information, and the different contain things like information about the site or contact information or an FAQ.
pages menu in WP
pages menu in WP

But the main difference between post ad pages is how they're organized, posts are organized based on published date and time, category, tags, and author.
 That means you can go in and make searches on the site, may say I want to see old polls published within April and May and you get all the posts.
Or you can do search based on category and say I want to see all posts in the category games or you can search for posts with certain tags or post written by one author.

category games
category games

 In contrast pages are only organized based on the parent child relationship, which means you can write one page and write another page and say this page is child of the first page. This relationship only really displays when it comes to menus where a child would be displayed subsidiary to the parent item but the relationship doesn't really span beyond that.

parent child relationship
pages parent child relationship

Using pages and posts in WordPress will help you create a site that easy to navigate and content that is easy to access for your visitors. The rule of thumb is these pages for information that doesn't change in that static and then posts for information that keeps updating.