Friday, October 25, 2013

Easy Way To Fix Blog Crash !!! Plugin And Themes Issues

What you Will Learn

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How to Restore Your Blog when Plugin Or Theme crashes WordPress

Plugin Crashes WordPress
Plugin Crashes WordPress
Hosting your WordPress site gives you pretty much complete freedom but that freedom comes with because of your complete control you can inadvertently do things that end up breaking or even crashing your site. But don't

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Word Press Plugins Guide !!! How To Search And Install Plugins Tutorials

What you will Learn

1- Why You Need Plugins For WP

2- How To Search For Plugins

3- How To Install WP Plugins

4-How To Use And configure

5- Things You Must Avoid Before Install 

Why You Need Plugins For WP

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins
One of the many advantages to having a self-hosted WordPress site is the ability to extend the functionality of the site using plug-ins.
 Plug-ins come in all shapes and sizes and can do everything from adding extra widget to your sidebar to changing the entire functionality of the site. Plug-ins are developed by people like you and me who want to extend or simplified functionality of

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 5 (How To Install WordPress and Configure files)

what you will Learn

1- how To Download WordPress Files

2- How To Configure WP For Your Host

3- How To Set your Blog Title and user name - password

4-Know The Front End and Back End Of Your Blog

how to download wp files
WP logo
Once you've installed WAMP server in your computer what you have basically done is set up your computer as a standard Web server with a MySQL database attached to it,

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 4 ( Installing WordPress Using WAMP Server)

what you will learn

1- Requirements For Installing Word Press With Wamp Server

2-How To Install Wamp Server

3- How To Fix WAMP Server Internal Errors

4- How To Create Word Press DataBase

How To Install Word Press Using Wamp Server
wamp server 
In part 2 we were running WordPress locally on the computer using BitNami WordPress stack, if you want  you can also do the same process using a WAMP server and WordPress instead,

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 3 (How To Start Word Press and Manage files)

WordPress is a server-based content management system, or in simple terms it’s a software application that runs on a Web server, which means while the core files that run the app are hosted on a regular server all the content is hosted in a database server running MySQL. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 2 (Installing BitNami For Mac And Windows)

What You Will Learn

1- Why BitNami Application is The Best For WP Self Hosting.

 2-How To Download BitNami For Word Press ( Mac OS , Windows).

3- How To Install BitNami Application For Word Press Hosting.

4- Benefits Of Using BetNami For Word Press.

BitNami LogoOne of the services that helps you install WordPress natively on your PC or Mac is

Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 1 (Requirements)

What you Will Learn

1- Why You Need Self-Host WP
how to change WordPress to self hosting
transfer WordPress to self host

2- Requirements for host Word Press on Self-host

3-WordPress Testing Environment  WAMP.MAMP,BitNami

4-Benifets Of Using WordPress Self-Host

5-What Is MAMP, WAMP,XAMPP is called cloud hosting blogging network, which means when you publish a site on you are acutely publishing it next to all the other sites are

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Change Media Settings In Your Blog! For Images-Videos-Doc

how to Change Your Blog Media Setting
Media Setting In WP Blog
what you will learn

1- How To Find blog Media Settings.

2- How to mange Blog Media Settings.

3- How to upload and mange images , Videos, Documents.

4- How To Use Embed Code For You Tube Videos. 

5- What Mean Standard Caption. 

How To Find blog Media Settings

WordPress allows you to upload and incorporate a variety of image audio and document files into your site. This different media files are managed by centralized system that can be manipulated

Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Add Any Video To Post Easy Like 1 2 3

how to increase your site visitors
How To Add Any Video To Post Easy

Adding Videos To Post Benefits 

After reading this article you will know how to add any video from you tube to your post, how to embed videos from any site to your site using host and self host blog,