Thursday, October 24, 2013

Word Press Plugins Guide !!! How To Search And Install Plugins Tutorials

What you will Learn

1- Why You Need Plugins For WP

2- How To Search For Plugins

3- How To Install WP Plugins

4-How To Use And configure

5- Things You Must Avoid Before Install 

Why You Need Plugins For WP

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins
One of the many advantages to having a self-hosted WordPress site is the ability to extend the functionality of the site using plug-ins.
 Plug-ins come in all shapes and sizes and can do everything from adding extra widget to your sidebar to changing the entire functionality of the site. Plug-ins are developed by people like you and me who want to extend or simplified functionality of
WordPress. Installing plug-ins used to be bit of a hassle, but in the more recent versions of WordPress that functionality has been built right into the admin panel, so when you find a plugin you like you can install it from your dashboard

 Searching For Plugins Using Word Press Directory

Using All In One SEO Pack

To install a new plug-in you have to use the plug-in functions in the left side of your dashboard if you click the drop-down will have three choices current plug-ins, add new, or you can use a plug-in editor. To add a new plugin click add new and in this will take you to the installed plug-ins page. From plug-ins page you can search the WordPress plug-in directory directly or if you find a plug-in that isn't in that directory you can also upload a plug-in manually.

 One of the most plugins you need for your blog is  all-in-one SEO you can search for it in quick search plug-ins type all in one seo inside the search box and click search, now WordPress go throw  the plug ins directory and try to find anything that looks remotely like what you search for.
 in this case you need to install all-in-one SEO pack but you will notice there is many  several different things on search page we have the Woo Commerce - All in One SEO Pack we have the Missing Data All In One SEO Pack Plugin, Add-on and a bunch of other versions.

How To Search And Install Plugins
How To Search And Install Plugins

Installing Your Plugin

 you only need the all-in-one SEO under all in one seo pack you have two options can click on details and get further details about the plug-in and then install it from  its page if you like it, or you can simply click install now then will ask you are you sure you want to install this plug-in click on ok. Now word press will install the plug-in and when is done will get two options activate plug-in or return to the plug-in installer, click on activate.

 now depending on the planning installed there different settings that happen, for the all-in-one Seo pack must be configured  after installing. It will pop up a notice telling you thanks for installing and showing you the place of the plugin where you can configuring it. Click  on general setting and complete the required fields after you done go to the bottom of the page and click on update options, this plug-in has a lot of options and is a lot of fun to work with what it does is it adds a bunch of new features to edit posts and edit pages .

How To Configure All In One SEO Pack Options
all in one seo pack options

 remember it’s important to click on update options every time you make changes to the plugin so it get saved otherwise  nothing will change and your configuration will be lost. After you installed the all in one seo you notice it appears under the dashboard button on the left side of your admin panel with other plugin it could appear in under setting or tools, this happens a lot depending on what plug-in you using those options will appear over the place, so it's a bit random and can’t tell you all plug-ins appear in one location but usually they're easy to find.

Installed Plugin
Installed Plugin 

you can go back to the plug-ins page and see the list of all plug-ins are installed both active and not active as you will find the Akismet all-in-one SEO pack and the Hello Dolly plug-in and that's it m but only the all-in-one SEO pack is activated the two other ones are gray, if you want to use them you have to activate them, for the Akismet plug-in actually must be activated so click activate, because Akismet requires an API key have to go get that by following this link  you need to log in to to get this API key to use a Akismet.

 Akismet is actually very important because it tracks comments spam so you don't get as much spam comments  now you have two active plug-ins but what if you want to deactivate one of them only click on deactivate. And you notice that as long as a plug-in is active you can't delete it once it’s not active can delete.

how to change plugins settings
Activate / Deactivate 

if you find a plug-in that you want to install and is not in the directory you can still do it from the admin panel go to add new again and go to upload and then you can upload the plug-in with the zip format, all plug-ins will be stored in the zip format all you have to do is browse to where ever you save it on your computer and select it then click open and click install now. Once the plug-in is installed you can activate it

Plugins Common Mistakes

If you have alive website always test the plug-in one of local installation on your computer first just to make sure that it doesn't crash with anything else. Never install two plug-ins that do the same thing because they tend to conflict with each other.
 plug-ins are great and simple way of adding functionality to your site there are thousands and thousands of plug-ins available out there and chances are there is one for the exact functionality you’re looking for, just keep in mind they you may have to test a few before you find one is completely satisfactory.