Monday, October 7, 2013

How To Add Any Video To Post Easy Like 1 2 3

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How To Add Any Video To Post Easy

Adding Videos To Post Benefits 

After reading this article you will know how to add any video from you tube to your post, how to embed videos from any site to your site using host and self host blog,
why its important to add videos to your posts.lest go ahead and see how you can add and embedding video process. adding videos help you getting more visitors to your site

One of the main reasons blogs and other social media are so successful and why they change the entire Internet and media landscape, is the ability to share and embed content from one site into another.
 And few sites do this better than YouTube find a video you like then you can place it right on your own site by copying and pasting a few lines of code, Embedding content from sites like YouTube is easy but it does require you to work within the dreaded HTML view of WordPress not to worry though it's very easy to do.

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adding video from you tube steps

If you want to create a post and insert a video all you need to do is follow the next steps,

In your WordPress dashboard panel click on new post (take a fast look on how to create a new post in WordPress here), give a title to your post video then set it to a new category look at a new category type your new category name you can call it my videos (you can see how to create a new category by clicking here) click on add a new category.

How to get and use video embed code in your post 

Next step how to add your video and because you are on this is very easy all you have to do is go to YouTube copy the URL, go to HTML view (to open HTML in word press post editor only click on text button near to visual this will open HTML view) and past URL in this is because I have video embedding activated inside the media settings under settings. Now click publish button then press on view post and you will see the video embedded into your post. This way you can use on WordPress free hosting.
 If you're in a self-hosted blog you have to copy the full embed code go to YouTube find the button that says embed and get the embed code, if you are using a self-hosted WordPress installation or if it's not YouTube that you using but any other video sites all you have to do is simply copying the embed code control C then paste it in your post HTML view.
how to get video from you tube to your site
how to get video url from you tube

how to get video embed code
how to get video embed code from you tube
copy the embed code using Ctrl+C then Ctrl+V in HTML view
how to add video code inside html
adding the video code inside html view
click publish after adding the code then click on view post
how to add video in wordpress post
view mode after past the code inside my post

If you past the embed code inside word press free hosting you will notice actually change the code to what it likes, if this is a self-hosted site the code would remain the way you past it in.

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Why Use Videos In Your Post

The great thing about using embedding like this is that if for some reason YouTube change this video to upgrade the quality or adds more information or you update the video it automatically gets updated on your site too. This might not be relevant for videos but when it comes to other types of active content like for an event ticket form it really makes a big difference, because if the form changes will change independently on your site. So all you have to do is embed it and then you'll get the latest update whenever appears.

How To Get More Visitors To Your Site

Embedding videos from YouTube or other video sharing services for your own or just videos you like can be a great benefit to your site, and help drive more visitors this same technique can be used to embed other types of active content from other sites. Regardless the actual embedding operation keeps getting easier and easier and more streamlined so you will find it's very easy to add these types of content to your own site.