Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How To Change Media Settings In Your Blog! For Images-Videos-Doc

how to Change Your Blog Media Setting
Media Setting In WP Blog
what you will learn

1- How To Find blog Media Settings.

2- How to mange Blog Media Settings.

3- How to upload and mange images , Videos, Documents.

4- How To Use Embed Code For You Tube Videos. 

5- What Mean Standard Caption. 

How To Find blog Media Settings

WordPress allows you to upload and incorporate a variety of image audio and document files into your site. This different media files are managed by centralized system that can be manipulated
either from the system or from within the page and posts them-self. Media management is found under media on the main toolbar to the left.
 If you click on media you go directly to the media library in the top of the page WordPress.com tells you how much space you used and how much is available, and also gives you the option of upgrading for more space if you've used up all 3 GB. And also offers you an upgrade to video services so you can upload videos to WordPress.com.

How to upload and change images size, Alternate, caption

you see here we have one image on our site this image was actually uploaded through a new post and not through the media library now we are going to add an image to the media library, it can be done in three ways, we can click the new media button up on the top is that active button that changes depending on where you are.

Or we can click add new right next to the media library heading, or we can go to the sidebar and click add new. when you click the button you go to the standard up-loader you can select the file then select any other pic from your PC and click open, and image will be uploaded just like it was when we were doing it inside the post from the window you can do the same changes give the title and alternate text standard caption and description.

What Mean Standard Caption

Standard caption means if we add a caption here then add this image to the post later the image will automatically have that caption attached but if you want to change it you can go into the individual post take the caption out but as a standard the caption will always be attached.

 More importantly we have this function called edit image if you click on that you get to the image editor where you can make changes to the image,  here you can do things like re-scaling the image for different  size if it's very large cropping the image or flipping it horizontally and vertically. Or even mirroring it either horizontally or vertically, so you can flip it to the side mirror it and do whatever you want or you can go back and get it fixed.

 the cropping feature works in the following way  you simply place your cursor anywhere click down and drag the mouse and you create a box then you can re-size it manually like this, or you can specify specific aspect ratio let's say 2 to 1 and you see it automatically re-sizes.
We can also move the crop area any were you want and when you're finish with it click the crop button and image gets cropped that size. When you're done with the image go back to the bottom and click save all changes.

The same thing can be done with audio files although with audio files you can't crop the image because there's no image :P and you can also do it with documents like PDF documents or word documents.
 In addition to the media library you also have media settings found it under settings in media, here you can define the standard thumbnail size medium-size and large size for images.  you may remember that when you upload a photo and then posted on a page you can choose between multiple different sizes for this is where WordPress is told what size of the compressed those different images to when their uploaded.

How To Use Embed Code For You Tube Videos

you can also choose to have auto embeds activated this basically means if you paste in the URL to a YouTube video word press will try to embed the actual you tube  video rather than just a link, and you can define a specific size edit with the height for those videos.  my advice to you is to not pay for the video player upgrade instead upload your videos to YouTube this is a better idea because not only do not use the space but YouTube designed to spread videos virtually. So just by uploading your videos to you tube services you get more viewers for you videos.

 the video player upgrade only really makes sense if you have proprietary videos  that you want complete control over, and if you do it's very important that you get it just like posts and pages WordPress has a dedicated system for managing all media assets on your site using the media page you can do bulk uploads manage.