Friday, October 25, 2013

Easy Way To Fix Blog Crash !!! Plugin And Themes Issues

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How to Restore Your Blog when Plugin Or Theme crashes WordPress

Plugin Crashes WordPress
Plugin Crashes WordPress
Hosting your WordPress site gives you pretty much complete freedom but that freedom comes with because of your complete control you can inadvertently do things that end up breaking or even crashing your site. But don't
worry WordPress is a rock solid application and if you do something that causes a catastrophic failure you can fix it quite easily.

  One of the easiest and most surprising ways of breaking or crashing your WordPress site by installing a plugin, for myself when I started working with WordPress I installed a new plug-in and my entire website just disappeared, I couldn't get into the admin panel I couldn't see anything on the front page and I had no idea what to do, this is actually quite common and I'll show you how to fix it.

if you are trying to install plugin WordPress will install it as if it's fine as because word press not actually test this plug-in to see if it works or not, it  just let you install it but when you click activate everything falls apart this is probably one of the most terrifying things any WordPress site owner can ever see, a completely blank page with nothing and even worse if you try to navigate to WP admin to get to the dashboard again nothing and when  go to the front page nothing all you get is the address.

 This is a truly broken WordPress site and it's also incredibly easy to fix only have to do is go into the files and rename or delete that last plug-in you installed and everything will be back to normal. To do this follow the next steps.

Plugin Path for Self Host Word Press

WAMP server

Go to C: /wamp/www/WordPress folder/WP-content/plugins



BitNami for Windows

Documents/ BitNami/apps/WordPress/htdocs/ wp-content/plugins

BitNami for Mac

Applications/WordPress/apps/WordPress/htdocs/ wp-content/plugins

 Inside your plugins folder all plugins you installed for blog, search for last plugin you installed and rename the folder to and other name and you are done.

After changing the plugin folder name reload your site and everything will be fine.
If you wonder why it start to work again the reason is because WordPress can't find the plugin any more so it have not effect on your blog.

How To know What Crash Your Blog

 This is the best way of troubleshooting a crashing WordPress blog if something happens I’m pretty sure you did one of two things you install a new plug-in or install a new theme. if either of those crash your site all you have to do is go back and rename whatever folder contains the bad plug-in or theme and everything goes back to normal

 WordPress crashes can be incredibly scary but the reality is that in almost every case they were caused by whatever you did last and in most cases that was installed and activate a new plug-in fortunately you can restore WordPress to previous stable state by simply renaming the plug-in folder or the plug-in file so WordPress can't find it.