Saturday, October 19, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 1 (Requirements)

What you Will Learn

1- Why You Need Self-Host WP
how to change WordPress to self hosting
transfer WordPress to self host

2- Requirements for host Word Press on Self-host

3-WordPress Testing Environment  WAMP.MAMP,BitNami

4-Benifets Of Using WordPress Self-Host

5-What Is MAMP, WAMP,XAMPP is called cloud hosting blogging network, which means when you publish a site on you are acutely publishing it next to all the other sites are
published under on their servers.It also means you are limited to whatever services they provide for example WP only has a limited supply of themes plug-ins and widgets and there certain services you can't use.

Why You Need Self-Host WP

If you want to go beyond that and use your own custom theme or custom plug-ins or if you want to add something like Google Adsense to your site you need to go to self-hosting. Self-hosting sound a scary but it really isn't as long as you keep your ducks in a row the good thing is you can actually self-host WordPress site on your own computer to do all you’re testing and setup before you go to the web.

 The only thing you need to do is install it through third-party applications and when you have all done and finished you can publish the whole thing on the Internet and take your site live.
Requirements for host Word Press on Self-host

If you are considering creating a self-hosted WordPress site there a few requirements you have to keep in mind

  • A web host that supports PHP 5 and MySQL this is the environments WordPress will run in and without these two things you can't run WordPress at all 
  • The latest build of WordPress you can download this for free from once you've installed WordPress once you can do automatic upgrades as new versions become available
  • A basic understanding of file handling , management and editing .This is because you need to move files around upload files download files and make changes to your files
  • Code editor like notepad ++ (notepad ++ is a very basic editor it available for free online) you can download it from here 
  • The FTP client application's  so you can upload and download files to your Web server you can use the Filezilla download from here

If you meet all these 5 requirements you ready for self-hosting a work site the publishing to the web is the last step of the process. Before we get to that point that lets set up a proper WordPress environment natively on a computer to do all of building development and testing.

WordPress Testing Environment  WAMP.MAMP,BitNami

 Because WordPress requires a web host to work, we are going to install an application that helps the computer pretended to web host to do that we actually have several different options depending on what you like and also depending on what platform you're on.

 The first option is  the BitNami WordPress stack BitNami WordPress stack works on Windows, Mac and Linux it came with WordPress already included is very easy to install and manage.If you're on a Windows PC you can use WAMP and WordPress and you have to install the WAMP server first and then install WordPress under it. It's a very popular application and it does exactly the same thing as BitNami the only difference is just separated between WAMP and WordPress.

If you are using a Mac it’s exactly the same as WAMP except it's for Mac.Get MAMP server running on Macintosh and then you have to install WordPress in addition you also have two other options one called XAMPP which is a cross-platform version of WAMP and  MAMP runs on Mac Windows and also Linux
And then you have lAMP which is exactly the same as WAMP and MAMP only for Linux


WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) 
WAMP is a form of mini-server that can run on almost any Windows Operating System. WAMP includes Apache 2, PHP 5 (SMTP ports are disabled), and MySQL (phpMyAdmin and SQLitemanager are installed to manage your databases) preinstalled. 

XAMPP is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages.

MAMP  (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
 is a set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic web sites on servers running Apple's proprietary operating system, Mac OS

Benifets Of Using WordPress Self-Host

Self-hosted WordPress site gives you complete control over everything on your site not just the content, it's more work for sure and it requires more management and thinking of you but the rewards make it worth working with it.