Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 4 ( Installing WordPress Using WAMP Server)

what you will learn

1- Requirements For Installing Word Press With Wamp Server

2-How To Install Wamp Server

3- How To Fix WAMP Server Internal Errors

4- How To Create Word Press DataBase

How To Install Word Press Using Wamp Server
wamp server 
In part 2 we were running WordPress locally on the computer using BitNami WordPress stack, if you want  you can also do the same process using a WAMP server and WordPress instead,
it produces the exact same result it’s just a different application.

 WAMP stands for Windows Apache MySQL PHP, Apache MySQL and PHP are the three components you need to be able to run WordPress
Apache is the WAMP server environment.
MySQL is the database that contains all your content.
 PHP is the programming language WordPress is written in.

We do this in a two-step process: 

1. First have to install the wamp server on the computer
2. And then we have to install WordPress under that WAMP server installation

Now I’m going to show you how to install the Wamp server then will install WordPress under the WAMP server.
To install WAMP server go to the WAMP server website at and click on downloads you find the latest version of WAMP server just downloaded and when you have it on your computer  start installer click through the windows warnings and then you get to the standard install window for the first window just click next.

 Then you should really read through license agreement just you know what you're agreeing to once you've done accept the agreement and click next.

Next step select the destination location the default is C:/wamp which is fine click next and the program folder will be created for you.

Now ask if you want to add a quick launch icon or a desktop icon, there’s no point doing both because once WAMP is running it will appear in your system tray so leave these unchecked and click next.

Then at the next window click install depending on your computer this might take some time. When installation is almost finished WAMP will ask  what is your default browser by default it will point of Microsoft Explorer or to Firefox depending on which browser you have as default  select which browser you want and click open.

 When installation is complete WAMP server will ask for the mail parameters leave it the way it’s and click next and it's done.

 Finally check launch WAMP server now and click finish. Now you can see the WAMP server is running on the computer it appears down in the system tray. And if you click on it you get a menu,

WAMP Server not starting up (WAMP server errors and how to solve it)

Internal error could not execute Menu Item.

How to know which applications / services are using port 80 and prevent Wamp from starting up 

Follow next steps

1- Click on wamp tray icon then select apache.
2- Then select service and click on test port 80.
3- Will open CMD window telling you what application is using porta80 and preventing Wamp from starting up.
4- Knowing the problem will help you to solve it below you will see example for application and services make a problem when trying to open wamp Skype and Microsoft IIS and how to solve it.

Can't Start Wamp Server The Problem is Skype 

Wamp server is using port 80 by default  if you try to run it and it pops up this error because port 80 is used by another application most of people trying to run wamp while Skype is running here is the problem Skype is using port 80 too.

To solve it you need to quit Skype and run the wamp server first then reopen Skype and everything will be ok, but you have to do it every time before start wamp server, to avoid that you can prevent Skype from using port 80 so you don’t have to quit Skype every time you want to run wamp you can do it by following the next steps.
1- Open Skype window.
2- Go to tools then options.
3- In the new window click on advanced settings.
4- Click on connection and uncheck use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for coming connections then click save and you are done.

Port 80 is being used by Microsoft IIS.

To prevent Microsoft IIS from using port 80 you need to follow the next steps.
1- Click on start button click on Control panel.
2- When open control panel window click on Programs and features.
3- After clicking on programs and features will open new window click on turn. Windows features on or off you can find it on the left side of the window.
4- The new window will be opened wait till it load then scroll down to Internet. Information Services open it.
5- Unchecked World Wide Web Services then will pop up with a message wait till its finish.
6- Then unchecked Internet Information Services and click OK.
7- Restart message will pop up click on restart to apply windows changes.
8- After restarting your computer run the Wamp server by clicking on put online and you are done.

From this menu you have a couple options first  you can turn WAMP server on or off by clicking on  put online button if you click put online It will start up both Apache and MySQL.

How To Create Word Press DataBase

You will notice when the WAMP server is on the icon change to green color, if you want to turn it off click on it again and click put off-line and the services will turn off .

The other important thing click on menu then click on PHP my admin this will open your browser PHP my admin site for the WAMP server, here you can administer all the MySQL databases since you are setting up WordPress on your computer will need to create a database for WordPress, go to create new database and give it a name (you can call it WordPress or any other name you want) and click create.
After clicking on create database will see it appear on the side, when your done with the WordPress database you are done with Wamp server next step is downloading and install WordPress.