Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How To Change To WordPress Self-Hosting Part 5 (How To Install WordPress and Configure files)

what you will Learn

1- how To Download WordPress Files

2- How To Configure WP For Your Host

3- How To Set your Blog Title and user name - password

4-Know The Front End and Back End Of Your Blog

how to download wp files
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Once you've installed WAMP server in your computer what you have basically done is set up your computer as a standard Web server with a MySQL database attached to it,
That means when you install WordPress on your computer under wamp server you did the exact same process you would if you installed WordPress on an external web host.

Downloading WP Files

The first step go to and download WordPress you can download WordPress either by download button on the menu or by click in blue window button both will go to the same place. Click to download and save it.

After finishing downloading the WordPress files, go to the download location and extract the zip archive

Now you need to grab the contents of the WordPress folder within the set the archive drag and drop it into the folder for your wamp server, to find the folder for your Web server simply go down to your system tray click on the wamp icon and click on www directory this is where you want to place WordPress, first delete the index file that's already there and then drag-and-drop the entire contents of the WordPress folder into this folder.
How To Install WOrdPress With WAMP Server
WAMP Server Menu

Configuring WordPress For Self Hosting

Now to get WordPress to work have to do one more thing you have to set up WP config file, if you look in your files you have one file called WP config sample.

Open this file and add information so it can link to the MySQL server created earlier ( the database you created for Wordpress using PHP my admin if you don’t know how to do it click on how to create the Wordpress database ) open the file in a text editor like notepad ++ and scroll down until you find these entries.

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 database name is (the name you choose for your database on PHP my admin)
Database name for me is    WordPress
The username will be           root
 The password is                 blank
MySQL host name              local host
Now the whole set up is complete, when you're done go to file and save this file as WP config.php click save and now it should be all done at close notepad ++.
 Go down to wamp system tray and click on put online
how to config WordPress file for new host
 Configuring  WP File

Setting Up Your Blog Information

Now open your browser and type local host you will find WordPress install screen or from wamp menu click on local host from here you set some preferences for your site first set the site title then set the username for yourself and password and then finally set an email

Tip : how to install WordPress For Mac Using BitNmai

The email won’t actually work and it has no purpose because its for local test only, you can allow your site to appear in search engines that since this is running on your local computer that make no sense so make sure it's unchecked. Then click install WordPress. Now when you click login you'll see you can login and see both the backend and the front end of WordPress installation running locally on your computer under wamp.